Nest & Blockage Removal

If you start to find twigs and leaves or other debris in your fireplace, it is a sure sign that something has set up home in your chimney.

A blockage can be very serious, particularly if you have a gas or Parkray-type fire, because of the emission of carbon monoxide.

The chimney of an open fire could become blocked, which could result in smoke entering the room or even a chimney fire.

If you think you have a blockage in your chimney, please call us to discuss the issue. We can remove most blockages and can establish what has happened and advise on how to prevent it happening again.

Since there may be eggs or even hatched chicks in a nest (which are protected), we are not able to remove nests during the breeding season (which is usually spring to early summer depending on the weather) to ensure that the young have left the nest. 

More information is available from the RSPB

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